Friday, April 27, 2012

The BaSatai Language and Meanings

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It's interesting how easy and difficult it is to write about a fantastical world. For BaSatai: Outside In as I began to write the world evolved and so did the rules, customs and concepts behind the supernatural, humanoid alien race BaSatai.

The language is an interesting concept. The BaSatai, (pronounced Bah-Sat-i), are from H-trae (pronounced Het-tra-e) a parallel world of Earth. Being a parallel world, naturally most of the language is a reversal of english in some ways, I thought this a unique identifier in determining how the BaSatai will speak. Not all words are english in reverse, though, I've thrown in some puzzles to keep readers and fans on their toes.

S'teuqoubs came from a word, with no particular meaning other than it referred to a bunch, group or cluster of flowers, the meaning of this word, in the way that I am using it in my book is that it refers to supernatural beings with more evil than good and it's also used to describe something wanting, needing and willing to kill. S'teuquob or S'teuqoubs (pronounced Ses-qwob) live in harmony with BaSatai on H-trae but many wish for full reign and wish for the parrallel divide to open.

A witch has in her selfish need cursed a bloodline of a Guardian Evander. When the one with the blood curse's blood spills, the parrallel divide will crack and open. S'teuqoubs and Supernaturals will filter onto Earth destroying equilibrium. Humanity will suffer and the BaSatai will be unable to control it.

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